Our organization is touring schools and city in the region and offering workshops tailored to children and adults between the ages of 8 and 100. We would like to know if your school  or organisation would be interested in including our workshop in your upcoming 2019 curriculum. Bromont, Granby, Sutton, Brome Lake, Potton, East Bolton, West Bolton are among the municipalities that have hosted our information sessions to date.

Notwithstanding their curious appearance, and the myths surrounding them, bats play an important ecological role, and their recent alarming decline – up to 90% for one species – deserves attention. Habitat loss and the indiscriminate use of pesticides are among the culprits, but it is a fungal infection known as White Nose Syndrome that has had the most devastating impact on bat populations.

Bats help to maintain healthy ecosystems by controlling the populations of harmful insects. The eight species found in Quebec are insectivores and can eat the equivalent of their body weight in insects every night. It is estimated that the consumption of agricultural pests by bats saves the farming industry $3.7 billion annually in North America alone.

Bat Conservation of the Eastern Townships has three objectives: Raise awareness of the issue, engage the community in our bat inventory, and participate in research into the effectiveness of heated bat houses.

Improving understanding of our fragile ecosystems and the marvellous creatures that inhabit them is more important than ever. We have found that children and young adults are particularly receptive to learning more about it, and the use of interactive content and mounted bat models generates much interest among students. Language levels and content are tailored to the respective age groups and educational materials will be provided to teachers for use after the workshop.

This hour-long workshop would be an ideal addition to your 2019 program! We are asking for $100 to cover the cost of our biologist and his transportation. Special pricing is also available to schools who are interested in multiple workshops on the same day.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Crédits photo: Eptesicus fuscus: Renfrew